New Academic Journal Special Issue Explores the Science of Energy Medicine


gahmj.2015.4.issue-suppl.largecoverFor centuries global healing traditions, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, made use of a vital force—called chi or prana— to stimulate and guide healing. Today a new report compiling scholarship from leading researchers and health care providers considers how modern medicine could benefit from the use of these time-honored healing practices.

A special issue of the peer-reviewed journal Global Advances of Health and Medicine released today explores the theoretical and scientific basis for biofield science, the emerging field of research that studies how energy and information help guide our health. The 12 articles in the special issue explore the scientific evidence behind energy therapies such as Healing Touch and Reiki and examines whether healing intention can improve health outcomes.

“Modern medicine has made miraculous strides in the past 100 years, but its laser focus on disease at the expense of holistic health is reaching diminishing returns,” explains Wayne B. Jonas, MD, President and CEO of Samueli Institute, a sponsor of the special issue. “Biofield science and energy medicine offer great potential for a future of care that fosters health and wellbeing.”

The academic publication is the outcome of a conference on biofield science and healing held in San Diego, California in 2014 and sponsored by Samueli Institute, Miraglo Foundation, Chopra Foundation and Institute of Noetic Sciences.

The Special Issue, published by Global Advances in Health and Medicine, released November 18th and can be accessed here