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Dr. James Gordon on the Future of Mind Body Medicine

Mind Body Medicine Feature Image Samueli Institute

The modern challenges in health are closely associated with a disconnection between the mind and body. James S. Gordon, MD, founder of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, professes a clear understanding of how the mind and body work together to create wellness within humans. According to Dr. Gordon, in order to know the future of mind-body medicine, it is best to look at the past and make note of the exact period in time where the science was lost. Continue reading “Dr. James Gordon on the Future of Mind Body Medicine” »

Dr. Wayne B. Jonas Explains The Placebo Effect

The Placebo Effect Samueli Institue blog  header

Since Medieval times, traces of placebo can be found in medical practice. It began as a way to ease symptoms, but over the years has been found to be a way to actually treat patients. According to Dr. Jonas, the placebo effect, is a form of healing that modern doctors should pay attention to and that healthcare system should begin assimilating into everyday practice. Continue reading “Dr. Wayne B. Jonas Explains The Placebo Effect” »

Samueli Institute Launches Brain, Mind and Healing Website

BrainMindHealing Feature Photo Samueli Institute

Samueli Institute has launched, a website dedicated to exploring mind-body medicine and its unparalleled healing capacity. Modern medicine, with its many innovations, is still missing several components that if used, would heal patients and leave them with a more promising future. Continue reading “Samueli Institute Launches Brain, Mind and Healing Website” »

The Mind-Body Connection: How To Find Your Balance

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Your internal environment is your inner being; the place in which your emotions connect with your thoughts, controlling how you react to situations and how you relate to the world. Because the mind, body and spirit are connected, any weakness in one of the spheres can cause overall unhealthiness; this is called imbalance. In the case of wellness, balance means that the mind, body and spirit are all alined.

Just like exercising and other essential activities, finding and maintaining your balance requires routine steps.

Step One: Develop Your Healing Intention

To begin, make a conscious mental decision to achieve an overall sense of wellness for yourself. This decision process is completed through awareness, intention and reflection.

Your body gives subtle signs about its wellness level, be it how energized you are, or whether or not you feel uncomfortable. Because the mind, body, spirit are one, often times experiencing physical pain can lead to stress and even depression. The fact that your body warned you, is called awareness. Continue reading “The Mind-Body Connection: How To Find Your Balance” »

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