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Podcast – An Interview with Dr. George Isham

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George Isham, MD, Chief Health Officer of HealthPartners, a nonprofit health provider that covers more than 1.5 million lives in Minnesota and Wisconsin, joins Samueli Institute President and CEO Wayne Jonas, MD, this week for a podcast interview on the future of healthcare.

Clinical Care Accounts for Only 20% of Health

In a 20 minute interview, Isham and Jonas discuss the groundbreaking work of Dr. David Kindig, who argued that clinical care is responsible for as little as 20 percent of overall health. The vast majority of factors influencing health, he said, come from social determinants, such as socioeconomic factors, the environment, and the health behaviors of individuals.

It is through this lens of the importance of what happens outside the doctor’s office that Jonas and Isham consider the future of care and wrestle with real world questions of promoting health within a system that reimburses prescriptions, procedures and clinical treatments.

“If you change the way that people are paid such that you reward the outcomes, then doctors are free to figure out based upon good science what works and what they should begin to do,” explained Isham.

“This will increase satisfaction not just in patients, but in clinicians as well. People are highly motivated when you have a mission that is larger than self. That’s why doctors went to medical school and why nurses trained to be nurses.

On Human Flourishing – an interview with Linda Kaufman

Human Flourishing Blog_image Podcast

At Thanksgiving millions of Americans focus on gratitude, home and hearth while thousands of veterans are without shelter. While the societal factors that contribute to homelessness are complex, organizations across the country are successfully reducing homelessness among veterans to functional zero. This week Samueli Institute’s twice monthly podcast features a discussion with the Reverend Linda Kaufman of Community Solutions on how major American cities are essentially ending veteran homelessness forever.

“Houston has declared zero veteran homelessness. Salt Lake City is just about there. Phoenix is very close and New Orleans at the end of last year got to functional zero,” explained Kaufman. “The communities that have reached functional zero are able to maintain homelessness that is rare, brief and non-recurring.”

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On Human Flourishing – an interview with Patty Shinseki

Human Flourishing Blog_image Podcast

In honor of this week’s Veterans Day observance, Samueli Institute’s twice monthly podcast, On Human Flourishing, features an exclusive interview with teacher, military family advocate and Army spouse Patty Shinseki. Shinseki and Jonas discuss unique challenges facing military families—especially school-age children—and what lessons society as a whole can learn from the resilience of military communities.  Continue reading “On Human Flourishing – an interview with Patty Shinseki” »

On Human Flourishing – an interview with Dr. Geoffrey Ling

Human Flourishing Blog_image Podcast

Director of Biological Technology at DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Geoff Ling, MD, PhD, joins Samueli Institute CEO Wayne Jonas, MD, to discuss technology and healthcare on an episode of the Institute’s podcast, On Human Flourishing, released today.

“This is real science-fiction stuff,” remarked Jonas in his introduction to Dr. Ling, and Ling delivered on that promise offering updates on DARPA projects that let patients missing limbs control robotic arms with their thoughts.

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On Human Flourishing – an interview with Dr. Robert Bonakdar

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Dr. Robert Bonakdar is Director of Pain Management at the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine in La Jolla, California and a member of the Scripps Green Hospital Pain Management Committee. He also serves as Assistant Clinical Professor (Voluntary) at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine. Dr. Bonakdar completed a fellowship in integrative medicine at Scripps Clinic, focusing on integrative pain management. He also completed the UCLA Acupuncture Course for Physicians and a Richter Fellowship in Southeast Asia, where he studied acupuncture, tai chi, and mind-body practices. His current clinical and research interests include novel approaches to pain management including dietary supplementation and biostimulation using microcurrent, laser, auricular, and acupuncture therapies.

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