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Meditation and the Relaxation Response


In our current healthcare system, a person’s overall health is balanced by pharmaceuticals, surgery, and self-care, according to Herbert Benson, MD, author of “The Relaxation Response.” As a result of this healthcare model, between 60-90% of healthcare visits are for conditions likely caused by chronic stress. It is his professional belief, that through meditation and eliciting the relaxation response, the harmful effects of chronic stress can be reduced or even eliminated. Continue reading “Meditation and the Relaxation Response” »

Shattering the Myth of Immutable Genes with Dr. Pamela Peeke

Dr. Pamela Peeke for On Human Flourishing

For a long time, scientists considered genetics to be the predisposition of a person’s health. In other words, whatever genes a person was born with, determined if that person would develop a hereditary disease, addiction or obesity. New scientific studies have shown that genes are not determinant of a person’s wellbeing. The lifestyle choices a person makes including exercise and eating habits can deactivate the genes that originally would have lead to disease. Continue reading “Shattering the Myth of Immutable Genes with Dr. Pamela Peeke” »

Dr. James Gordon on the Future of Mind Body Medicine

Mind Body Medicine Feature Image Samueli Institute

The modern challenges in health are closely associated with a disconnection between the mind and body. James S. Gordon, MD, founder of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, professes a clear understanding of how the mind and body work together to create wellness within humans. According to Dr. Gordon, in order to know the future of mind-body medicine, it is best to look at the past and make note of the exact period in time where the science was lost. Continue reading “Dr. James Gordon on the Future of Mind Body Medicine” »

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