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Good Science, Good Medicine

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Beliefs – called paradigms in science – are the hardest things to change. As Albert Einstein said, it is easier to crack an atom than a mind, and this applies in the area of medicine and healing also. With the change of the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) in December 2014- that change in mind has occurred.

What was once frontier has now become mainstream.

What was once unconventional and alternative medicine has now become simply medicine.

As Dr. Josie Briggs, the current director of NCCIH has stated, the name change reflects the movement in the standard of care towards integrative care. Read more

Let’s Start the New Year Right


When one year comes to a close and another one begins, it is only natural to take time to reflect and plan for the future. The year 2014 was one of great accomplishments for Samueli Institute. I am proud that several items from the important work our researchers have done with the goal of health and health creation for all was featured in a recent article for the Huffington Post by John Weeks.

As the health care industry is slowly shifting toward patient-centered care, I am encouraged by the changes that I see occurring across multiple platforms. In my travels over the last year, I have met many people who are champions of integrative health. These include physicians and their patients who are experiencing firsthand that alternative medical practices such as yoga, meditation and acupuncture can have profound effects on our ability to heal; corporate leaders who are enhancing the wellbeing and productivity of their employees and military and community members who now have safer, simpler, low cost ways to heal.

Read more

Dietary Supplements in the Military


Check out the new article on how dietary supplements in the military are being used in more proactive ways:

Nutritional Armor: Dietary Supplements in the Military

By Wayne B. Jonas, MD, President & CEO, Samueli Institute 

A recent special issue to in the medical journal Military Medicine marks a shift in attitude and approach to dietary supplements by the U.S. military.

What Are The Conditions For Health Care Change?

We are swimming in a soup of healing potential.
But we have to make it visible.

We have to bring it forward. We have to measure and value it. We have to invest time and resources into it, and give it time to manifest. You can all be leaders and stewards in making this happen.

When creating system change, the same components are necessary if you’re changing an entire country, your local community, or yourself. Read more

Think BIG for Social Wellbeing

Metrics are essential to reduce health care costs and disease rates while improving care and wellbeing. Progress can only be achieved by knowing:
  • the return on investment of wellness behaviors and programs
  • the success rates of traditional health interventions like medications and surgeries and how they compare with alternative treatments
  • statistics on common health problems and diseases
What if we could take a step beyond that and develop an actual currency to create incentives and encourage positive decision-making in individuals, businesses and organizational leaders.
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