How To Experience The Mind Body Connection At The Gym

Gym Workout Mind Body

Energy is what drives the body, and is therefore what drives the mind. When exercising, the mind and body aline in what Samueli Institute refers to as the “energetic connection.” This is an experience of wholeness that when properly channeled, can lead you to have an amazing gym workout. The key to experiencing the mind-body connection at the gym is to mentally prepare for it, before you arrive. Here’s how:

Focus your attention- Prepare to leave all of you worries and inhibitions at the door. If you find it hard to clear your mind before your workout, take a few minutes to relax or meditate.

Try something new- Doing the same routine each time you visit the gym will cause your mind to easily wander. This is because, once something becomes a routine, it is done subconsciously and leaves plenty of room in the mind for other thoughts.

Create a workout plan- Plan what exercises you are going to perform in the gym ahead of time. Having an itinerary for the gym will allow you to focus on each particular task, preventing your mind from wandering.

Self-motivate- Uplift and drive yourself by thinking positively. Self-motivation at the gym can be like telling your body what to do and how to keep going simply by thinking.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) defines mind-body medicine as a practice that focuses on treatments that improve health by way of relaxation, hypnosis, visual imagery, meditation, yoga and biofeedback. In an atmosphere like a gym or fitness center, many of these therapies are easily found.

There’s much more to the mind-body connection than a workout session. Once you discover your personal trick to aligning your mind and body, you will find balance, and everything else in life will fall into place.

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