Extended Consciousness: Going Beyond the Five Senses

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Consciousness is a state of being fully connected. The traditional form of consciousness includes connections with others and also to one’s own thoughts and feelings. But to understand extended consciousness, humans must study the unseen and the unknown.

Harnessing Extended Consciousness

In the real world, harnessing extended consciousness may help relieve pain and suffering from chronic illness through meditative stages and mantras. In other communities, like the military, the ability to tap into one’s extended consciousness could be the difference between life and death.

“A few moments of advance notice could help soldiers take cover before an explosion, help first responders make course corrections for vehicles, and benefit any life-or-death task where seconds count,” -Julia Mossbridge, PhD, Department of Psychology at Northwestern University. Mossbridge is the lead author of a groundbreaking study published in 2012 that showed that the human body can anticipate emotional future events as much as 10 seconds before they occur.

Consciousness is not among the popular mind-body practices, and is often thought of as an illusion or delusion within the medical population. This is despite the scientific research which shows that consciousness is a cognitive ability, accessible to all humans, and is magnified for some.

The Science Behind Consciousness

Science has provided evidence that consciousness includes abilities like anomalous cognition, giftedness, and the ability to change the direction and lapse of time. Though it may seem like a mysticism, research shows that not only do these abilities exist in humans, sometimes it is triggered, without them even knowing. The scientific research on extended consciousness is ongoing and is looking into the following theories:

  •  Quantum mechanics
  •  Ultraweak light emissions
  • Standard physics or cognitive neuroscience
  • New understandings about time
  • Artifact, error or bias

The Future of Extended Consciousness

Scientists believe that understanding extended consciousness and harnessing the ability, could be especially beneficial for the military population. If soldiers are able to tap into knowledge beyond the five senses, the theater of war could be forever changed.




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