On Human Flourishing – an interview with Dr. Geoffrey Ling

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Director of Biological Technology at DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Geoff Ling, MD, PhD, joins Samueli Institute CEO Wayne Jonas, MD, to discuss technology and healthcare on an episode of the Institute’s podcast, On Human Flourishing, released today.

“This is real science-fiction stuff,” remarked Jonas in his introduction to Dr. Ling, and Ling delivered on that promise offering updates on DARPA projects that let patients missing limbs control robotic arms with their thoughts.

“It’s a brain-controlled robotic arm like Luke Skywalker in EMPIRE STRIKES BACK or Detective Dell Spooner in iROBOT,” Ling explained. “We also hooked a patient up to a flight simulator, a patient who has never flown before learned to control the aircraft with her mind. She was so good in her one and only training that the next time we let her fly a fighter jet.”

While DARPA’s robotics projects set the imagination soaring, Ling also discusses the core mission of producing research that is beneficial to the service member and the patient.