A Kind of Unnoticed Excellence

Tyler Norris at WCP

In 2011, Samueli Institute embarked on a multi-year project to foster health and wellness in three distinct communities across the country, one in Detroit, another in New Orleans, and a third in the Mississippi delta. The Well Community Project, as the effort is now known, held as its core premise a belief that the communities were the experts and needed to take the lead in developing their blueprint to becoming a healthier community.

Earlier this year, Samueli Institute hosted representatives of the participating communities along with other successful community health organizations and paired them with national funders, policy makers and thought leaders in public health. The purpose of the meeting was not just to generate field reports from the individual communities to operatives of national programs, but instead foster deep discussion among equals for the betterment of all.

Tyler Norris, vice president of Total Health Partnerships at Kaiser Permanente was one of the final speakers of the day and summed up the spirit of the meeting and of the Well Community Project precisely as he delivered a short 15 minute address to the group.

“The most important human need is to be heard,” explained Norris. “Any partnership or collaboration uses the power of being heard as a place of strength.”

Norris’ full address, along with short, impactful talks from more than a dozen community health leaders are streaming now on Samueli Institute’s YouTube channel, www.YouTube.com/SamueliInstitute.