Nutrition and Lifestyle Training

healthy burgers at fort belvoir symposium

With three-quarters of health care dollars spent on chronic life-style related diseases, Samueli Institute focuses on creating health and well-being rather than focusing on disease. In addition to our work within the scientific community, Samueli Institute educates organizations and individuals to address how we eat, move, sleep, cope with stress, and interact with others.

Our experts teach science-backed curricula presented from a whole-systems approach in both train-the-trainer and group learning models within hospitals, workplaces and military settings.

Training for Medical Professionals

Medical education is essential to the health of our nation. However most medical programs ignore or insufficiently address the self-care components that prevent or postpone common lifestyle-related diseases including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. In addition, many health care settings don’t optimize the healing capacity of their employees. Whether it’s being able to counsel patients on healthy behaviors or cultivating healing relationships in a hospital setting, Samueli Institute helps health care organizations and professionals deliver healing to their patients.


Healthy Kitchens Healthy Lives®

A presentation of Samueli Institute, Harvard School of Public Health and the Culinary Institute of American, Healthy Kitchens Healthy Lives® teaches medical professionals about healthful, delicious, affordable and sustainable foods by connecting them with culinary and nutrition experts. The four-day training enables doctors to provide their patients with practical advice on eating right—an essential element of self-care.

Since its launch in 2007, Healthy Kitchens Healthy Lives® has trained more than 4,000 primary care physicians and other health professionals in the science of nutrition and provided them with practical cooking skills to improve their own healthy eating habits and give them the confidence to proactively discuss nutrition with their patients.

Optimizing Healing in Hospitals

Most hospitals are designed and built with optimizing healing in mind. But the health and wellbeing of patients and staff requires more than the external environment. Samueli Institute trains hospital staff and leadership how psychological, physical, cultural and organizational elements of resilience affect healing. This training is aimed at improving the delivery of care, patient experience and staff satisfaction using Samueli Institute’s Optimal Healing Environments framework.

At a two-day symposium at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital outside Washington, DC, more than 120 leaders and care givers from across the staff received traditional instruction, had the opportunity to participate in yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation instruction as well as receive acupuncture and massage therapy treatments.

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