On Human Flourishing: An interview with Dr. Scott Shreve

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Dr. Scott Shreve, Director of Hospice and Palliative Care at the Department of Veterans Affairs, joins Dr. Jonas for a conversation on the growing need for end-of-life care for veterans.

“Roughly a little over 600,000 veterans died this past year, and not all of them are enrolled in the V.A.,” said Dr. Shreve. “Three percent of veterans die in V.A. facilities. So where are 97 percent of our veteran population dying? And that’s one in four Americans, but if you happen to look at just men, it’s probably one in two of all the deaths in America. So we realized, strategically, about four years ago, we needed to partner with the community, and went to the national Hospice Palliative Care organization, and established this program called We Honor Veterans, where you engage community hospices and empower them about veteran issues.”

This episode marks the end of season one of On Human Flourishing. We will return with new episodes in September. Thanks for listening.