Registration Now Open for Breakthrough Collaborative on Home Hospice and Palliative Care


Registration is now open for the Optimal Healing Environments in Home Hospice and Palliative Care Breakthrough Collaborative. The new Collaborative launched last week at the National Organization for Hospice and Palliative Care Leadership Conference in Washington, DC.

The group is limited to 50 participants.

The aim is to enhance the experience of care by decreasing symptom and treatment burden associated with advanced illness — specifically, pain, anxiety, dyspnea, helplessness and finding meaning in suffering.

The literature abounds with science-based studies demonstrating the efficacy of integrated self-care modalities. By focusing on healing-oriented practices in mindfully created healing environments, we seek to learn what works and what doesn’t for both patients and lay caregivers in home hospice and palliative care.
Ideal candidates are home hospice and palliative care organizations that choose to be at the forefront of change, discover ways to relieve human suffering, implement those discoveries on a real-time basis and report their efficacies so others can follow suit.

Together, we will define innovative strategies by:

  • Integrating healing-oriented practices into clinical protocols and intake procedures.
  • Teaching all care providers, including lay, the techniques to facilitate healing for themselves and for the patient.
  • Managing the home environment as a healing space.


At the end of this first-in-a-series Collaborative, our intention is to collectively demonstrate:

  • Decrease in the number of ER visits for pain, anxiety or respiratory distress;
  • Increase in fulfillment of the patient and family-generated end-of-life plan;
  • Increase of patient and/or families who rate their satisfaction with care at the highest level; and
  • Increase in engaged households configured to optimize their home as a healing space


For more information or to download the application and letter of intent, please visit or email