Registration Now Open for Chronic Pain Breakthrough Collaborative

Heather Tick (center) engages with other participants to discuss modalities of integrative care.

Faculty and participants discuss innovations in pain care

To adequately address chronic pain in today’s healthcare system, industry innovators must create a new patient-focused and interdisciplinary chronic pain care model that focuses on drugless therapies and self-care.

Samueli Institute invites pioneering pain practices to join leading providers in civilian, military and veteran healthcare to form the Chronic Pain Breakthrough Collaborative, a learning and action community designed to accelerate education and widespread implementation of best practices in interdisciplinary care for chronic pain.

The team is led by an expert faculty—including Adam Perlman, MD, of Duke Medicine who guides and mentor participating organizations through the 12-month improvement process that will begin in the spring of 2016.


Participants in the Samueli Institute Chronic Pain Breakthrough Collaborative will:

  1. Integrate multiple disciplines, including complementary and integrative medicine, in team-based approaches for more effective pain management.
  2. Increase health-related quality of life and patient safety for chronic pain patients through decreasing the level of pain, medication burden, and risk of opioid dependence.
  3. Increase autonomy for individuals to manage their pain through non-pharmacological approaches.
  4. Provide clear return on investment over time.

The Chronic Pain Breakthrough Collaborative is ideal for pain practices within healthcare organizations that desire to offer a more integrative approach to pain management and are willing to optimize the level of integration of medical care, psychological care, self-care modalities, and complementary and integrative care.

Previous participants in the Chronic Pain Breakthrough Collaborative report a decrease in the number of patients relying on opioids for chronic pain, an increase in the number of patients using non-pharma and self-care therapies for pain, and an increase in quality of life and patient function. Additionally, previous participants report improvements in staff communication, multi-disciplinary teamwork and collaboration.

Samueli Institute is registering a limited number of participants in the next Chronic Pain Breakthrough Collaborative now.

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