Samueli Institute Launches Brain, Mind and Healing Website

BrainMindHealing Feature Photo Samueli Institute

Samueli Institute has launched, a website dedicated to exploring mind-body medicine and its unparalleled healing capacity. Modern medicine, with its many innovations, is still missing several components that if used, would heal patients and leave them with a more promising future.

The future of medicine, as Samueli Institute views it, is a future in which patients can tap into their body’s own healing capacity through self-care and with the assistance of practitioners who understand the importance of evidence-based treatments, patient-centered care, and resiliency.


A Thriving Nation

There are ways in which society can predict, track and improve resilience. Samueli Institute’s experts have researched the cases of trauma and stress that have been turned around through the implementation of mind-body practices in patient care. As one of the organizations helping with the integration of mind body medicine in the military, SI has looked into the factors that contribute to resilience, for the military community, and in the nation.

In life and in the military, trauma is unavoidable, therefore preparing for life in the military should include exercises that teach service members how to cope with what is happening around them. Geoffrey Ling, MD, PhD says “a prepared mind is really one the most important things.” Outside of the military, the path to flourishing requires more than just preparation, as sometimes, the state of a community is the result of issues occurring outside of that community. SI’s VP of Optimal Healing, Bonnie Sakallaris, PhD, RN asserts that the key to resiliency within a community is to understand the needs of the community and work from there. Learn more.


The Placebo Effect

The process of healing extends far beyond actual treatment, and through research, we’ve come to understand that the encounter between a patient and a practitioner is an important part of the healing process.

Salutogenesis begins when a healer makes the simplest of gestures. SI’s Wayne B. Jonas, MD explains that putting a positive spin on the patient’s situation, or informing them that the condition is likely to improve, all affect how the patient to begins to heal.


Watch Videos from Samueli Institute

Wayne B. Jonas, MD of Samueli Institute, Placebo Effect video

“The placebo effect tells us that there are some underlying process around how we go about healing, that are separate from the what.” -Dr. Wayne B. Jonas


Mindfulness/Mind Body Medicine

Mindfulness is a consciousness therapy, which leads to the mind-body connection. Science has discovered that 80% of all non-communicable disease is related to stress, therefore, most diseases are preventable through self-care.

It is as simple as breathing, and thinking; these are everyday tasks, which humans do mindlessly. But to consciously think, feel and breathe, is to fuse the mind and body and experience life as a whole person. Learn more.



Both science and religion describe a world in which humans have the inherent power to influence their lives through Extended Consciousness. How humans perceive the world, behave and interact with the world, all affect how their lives will play out; it’s all about connection.

Extended Consciousness involves forming a connection with oneself, with others and with the universe. Learn more about consciousness here.


Bioenergy Medicine

With a goal to help with the integration of mind-body medicine into standard care, Samueli Institute is exploring Bioenergy Medicine. With the expertise of SI researchers John Ives, Ph.D. and partner experts like Capt. George J. Ceremuga, DO, we have been able to skim the surface and predict what future exploration into the science of bioenergy can do for medicine. Learn more.


Samueli Institute recently launched the mind-body website to materialize the evidence behind mind-body medicine, encourage the implementation of mind-body practices in standard care and discuss how mind-body medicine can positively impact the future of our healthcare system. Be sure to visit the site.