SI Experts And Partners Publish Article On SEaRCH Process For Evidence-Based Care

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On a quest to discover which healthcare practices are the most effective and nominal in cost, leaders from Samueli Institute’s Scientific Evaluation and Research of Claims in Healthcare SEaRCH™ Program have published an article on how to get evidence-based medical practices into mainstream care. We have found that expert panels from SI and partnered organizations are the best option to guide the research process.

Who’s Involved?

Samueli Institute’s SEaRCH™ program has several expert panels which include article co-authors Wayne Jonas, MD and Senior Psychologist, Pamela Elfenbaum. The Clinical Expert Panel (CEP), Research Expert Panel (REP), the (PoEP) which is designed for policy and the PaEP which is for patient experts. Partners of SI are also closely involved in streamlining evidence-based patient care:

National Institute of Health (NIH) Consensus Panels -Since 1977, the panel has been congregating on occasions to answer standing questions on how to resolve the controversies surrounding data management.

Institute of Medicine (IOM)- The IOM summarizes the medical evidence into reports to make the data more clear and more readily available to be used by practitioners.

RAND Expert Panel– RAND focuses on clinical experts rather than scientific experts to add diversity to the evidence. RAND’s Ian Coulter, PhD is working closely with SI’s SEaRCH™.

Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI)- Director of the initiative, Dr. Shamini Jain has partnered with SEaRCH™ for this article.

The article titled, SEaRCH™ expert panel process: streamlining the link between evidence and practice, is published in the journal BioMed Central.