The Mind-Body Connection: How To Find Your Balance

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Your internal environment is your inner being; the place in which your emotions connect with your thoughts, controlling how you react to situations and how you relate to the world. Because the mind, body and spirit are connected, any weakness in one of the spheres can cause overall unhealthiness; this is called imbalance. In the case of wellness, balance means that the mind, body and spirit are all alined.

Just like exercising and other essential activities, finding and maintaining your balance requires routine steps.

Step One: Develop Your Healing Intention

To begin, make a conscious mental decision to achieve an overall sense of wellness for yourself. This decision process is completed through awareness, intention and reflection.

Your body gives subtle signs about its wellness level, be it how energized you are, or whether or not you feel uncomfortable. Because the mind, body, spirit are one, often times experiencing physical pain can lead to stress and even depression. The fact that your body warned you, is called awareness.

Intention is more challenging as it requires you to communicate intensely with your inner self. It is common to start this part of the process through prayer, meditation or quiet time. When you focus on your goal, commit to reaching it in your mind, and encourage yourself to keep up the work along the way, you have developed intention.

As you may have guessed, reflection is simply looking back on your experience.This step will do much more than just remind of the perils along the way and your level of strength. During reflection, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Who am I?
  • What is my purpose?
  • How do I fit into my family, my community, my life?
  • What are my spiritual beliefs?

Reflection is a way to bring you closer to your inner self and help you to fully understand yourself, your life and purpose.

Step Two: Experience Personal Wholeness

Personal wholeness is a sense of well-being that is a direct result of harmony between your mind, body and spirit. As long as this harmony remains, you can continue to generate mind-body healing. There are two important components that must be fully understood to achieve personal wholeness.

First, is the integration of mind, body and spirit. To integrate them, picture a time when you felt the most comfortable, happy and authentic. Whatever you were doing spiritually to achieve that feeling should be used continually to achieve personal wholeness.

Last is positive thinking, which is much more difficult than it seems. Being critical of yourself and others can negativity effect your well-being and stunt your journey to personal wholeness.

The mind-body connection is essential to your well-being and once you have finally integrated the mind, body and spirit through , awareness, intention, positive thinking, and reflection, you will experience a healing presence.

You can commit to developing a mind-body practice.

Learn more mind-body wellness examples by reading Samueli Institute’s Optimal Healing Environments book.