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HOPE for Pain: From Treatment to Healing

Woman with Chronic Pain

A message from Wayne B. Jonas, MD

A message from Wayne B. Jonas, MD

The woman (we will call her Joan) was 45 years old, and she did everything she could for her health. She ate right, worked out, took vacations, worked hard, and had a great family. But 15 years ago she was in a motor vehicle accident and sustained whiplash on her right side.  Although there was no severe physical damage, she began to develop neck stiffness and pain down her shoulder that was intractable.  It was then that her 15-year journey of pain began. Continue reading “HOPE for Pain: From Treatment to Healing” »

Close the Book on Your Past

image of person writing in a journal

Did you know that the age-old practice of journaling falls under the umbrella of mind-body practices?

Those of you who kept a diary all those years ago deserve a pat on the back. You were actually contributing to your own self-healing!

The process of writing about your experiences, thoughts and feelings can help you to build self- awareness. This can help release any stored pain and break down internalized barriers that may be creating stress or worsening actual physical symptoms. Continue reading “Close the Book on Your Past” »