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Creating the Optimal External Healing Space

Family in Healing Space

Your external environment is where you live, work and play. Having great experiences in these places requires a bit of creativity. Perhaps you change the color of the walls in your home, or decorate your workplace with greenery. Maybe in your backyard, you plant flowers that give off a wonderful aroma. All of these originally normal spaces become healing spaces when you use your creativity to make them your own. Continue reading “Creating the Optimal External Healing Space” »

Meditation and the Relaxation Response


In our current healthcare system, a person’s overall health is balanced by pharmaceuticals, surgery, and self-care, according to Herbert Benson, MD, author of “The Relaxation Response.” As a result of this healthcare model, between 60-90% of healthcare visits are for conditions likely caused by chronic stress. It is his professional belief, that through meditation and eliciting the relaxation response, the harmful effects of chronic stress can be reduced or even eliminated. Continue reading “Meditation and the Relaxation Response” »

Dr. Wayne B. Jonas Explains The Placebo Effect

The Placebo Effect Samueli Institue blog  header

Since Medieval times, traces of placebo can be found in medical practice. It began as a way to ease symptoms, but over the years has been found to be a way to actually treat patients. According to Dr. Jonas, the placebo effect, is a form of healing that modern doctors should pay attention to and that healthcare system should begin assimilating into everyday practice. Continue reading “Dr. Wayne B. Jonas Explains The Placebo Effect” »

Samueli Institute Launches Brain, Mind and Healing Website

BrainMindHealing Feature Photo Samueli Institute

Samueli Institute has launched brainmindhealing.org, a website dedicated to exploring mind-body medicine and its unparalleled healing capacity. Modern medicine, with its many innovations, is still missing several components that if used, would heal patients and leave them with a more promising future. Continue reading “Samueli Institute Launches Brain, Mind and Healing Website” »

PODCAST: An Interview With Dr. James Gordon

Dr James Gordon for blog on podcast J

James Gordon, MD, started the Center for Mind Body Medicine (CMBM) based on his interest in creating what he calls “a community of healers.” He wanted to bring together the doctors who practiced medicine in a different way than the drug-based practices for which they were trained. Continue reading “PODCAST: An Interview With Dr. James Gordon” »

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