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The Future of Resilience in the Military


Resilience is all about being able to function at an appropriate level in any situation with which you are faced, says Geoffrey Ling, MD, PhD, DARPA Biological Technology Office. For the military, the idea of resilience differs from the civilian world, because a person’s community or support system is in a state of constant change. When in the theatre of war, a service member’s community is his or her unit, we members return home, their families become their beacon or focal point. Whether at home or in theatre, resilience can be built through preparation and training in mind, body and spirit– which is guiding the future of technology in military medical research. Continue reading “The Future of Resilience in the Military” »

Kevin Berry, MD on Resilience: “We Need to Look Beyond Bouncing Back.”


Resilience means different things for individuals, for communities and for the military. Over the last 15 years, Samueli Institute and its expert partners have explored a wider understanding of resilience than was previously understood. During this exploration, it was discovered that resilience is indubitably more complex than its traditional definition of being able to recover from trauma. Real resilience involves preparedness –the ability to adjust to upcoming trauma and stress. Continue reading “Kevin Berry, MD on Resilience: “We Need to Look Beyond Bouncing Back.”” »

PODCAST: An Interview with Henry Samueli, PhD


Simply understanding how the am/fm radio works; that was the assignment for Henry Samueli’s 7th-grade electric shop class, the point in his life that turned out to be the beginning of it all. Continue reading “PODCAST: An Interview with Henry Samueli, PhD” »

Understanding Bioenergy Medicine with Dr. John Ives


Thanks to Einstein, we know that all living matter is made up of energy. But there is a difference between traditional energy used in sound, light and magnetic therapies and the more ancient concept of subtle energy that may be behind the healing practices of therapeutics touch, healing touch, Reiki, and Qi Gong. Continue reading “Understanding Bioenergy Medicine with Dr. John Ives” »

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