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Celebrating 15 Years Exploring the Science of Healing

photo of staff members

To celebrate its 15-year anniversary, Samueli Institute invited guests to gather and share stories of the positive impact the Institute’s research has had in helping patients, policymakers, service members and veterans find evidence-based alternative, complementary and integrative treatments for chronic pain and illness.

In 2001, Henry & Susan Samueli launched Samueli Institute to explore the science of healing and expand the evidence base for complementary and integrative medicine. In the ensuing decade and a half, Institute researchers published more than 700 peer-reviewed articles and hosted scientific conferences of global experts, developed programs for pain, stress and performance for the military and supported healthy communities across the United States.


Now, after 15 years of service to the integrative health, healthcare, and military communities, Samueli Institute will cease research and programmatic operations in 2017.


“I am enormously proud of the work that Samueli Institute and all of its staff, fellows and grantees have accomplished. And I am grateful to Henry and Susan Samueli for their investment in time, money and expertise in supporting the work of the Institute,” said Wayne Jonas, MD, Samueli Institute President & CEO.

The Future of Resilience in the Military


Resilience is all about being able to function at an appropriate level in any situation with which you are faced, says Geoffrey Ling, MD, PhD, DARPA Biological Technology Office. For the military, the idea of resilience differs from the civilian world, because a person’s community or support system is in a state of constant change. When in the theatre of war, a service member’s community is his or her unit, we members return home, their families become their beacon or focal point. Whether at home or in theatre, resilience can be built through preparation and training in mind, body and spirit– which is guiding the future of technology in military medical research. Continue reading “The Future of Resilience in the Military” »

Mind-Body for Performance and Resilience: Advice for Leaders


We know mind-body practices improve performance. Mind-body techniques are based on recognizing the stress response and engaging in purposeful activities to stimulate the restorative relaxation response. These responses – stress on the one hand and relaxation on the other – are controlled by the autonomic nervous system, and can be regulated by the mind. Mind-body techniques can be mastered and leaders can help their teams learn when and how to use appropriately. Continue reading “Mind-Body for Performance and Resilience: Advice for Leaders” »

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