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Omega-3’s Role in the Battle for Nutritional Armor


Omega-3s and the Military: Active duty soldiers are often captive diners eating at dining facilities on base both here and in a deployed environment. Finding the right nutritional balance is especially important for this group, whose dining choices are made by a combination of procurement staff, defense logistics personnel and health education professionals, long before that soldier steps into the food line or opens an MRE.

Samueli Institute and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) convened a panel of experts to review the optimal fatty acids for military service members. The panel unanimously agreed that a military Daily Recommended Intake for omega-3 fatty acids should be established while also working to lower current intakes of omega-6s.

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One Voice for Wellness


A flourishing society requires access to affordable health care, healthy food choices, a safe, natural environment and integrative medical care. Some might see this as an elusive dream, but I am optimistic that the shift from conventional medicine to a holistic health care approach is gaining momentum. While some have promoted this idea for decades, no one has been as effective in bringing it to our nation as Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa.

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headshot of Dr. Jonas

Wayne B. Jonas, MD, President and CEO, Samueli Institute

How does an individual achieve resilience and flourish, even when faced with a trauma or stress? How the mind, body and spirit reacts and transitions to a new normal stems from multiple factors and can result in different outcomes. In the process, the individual may evolve and transform, paving the way for new skills that will prepare them for new challenges in the future. A whole systems, whole person understanding of resilience is best approached through a dynamic systems framework and is a subject that researchers are only beginning to understand. Samueli Institute has been working to cast further light on these processes. Continue reading “A RESILIENT MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT: THE HEALTH EVOLUTION OF A WHOLE PERSON” »

Why are We Stuck on Acupuncture Research?


If you asked me what one of our most impactful fields of study has been at Samueli Institute, our research on acupuncture would rise to the top. Our extensive research is making acupuncture more available to our Service members, veterans and families to support our warfighters both on the battlefield and the home front.
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