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State of the Evidence on Training Programs for Self-Management of Emotional Stress

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Limiting the stressors in our lives is not always possible; however, managing HOW we deal with the stress can be within our control. Nearly half of Americans report that their stress levels have increased in the last five years making effective treatments to decrease psychological distress in demand. Even more so, are mind-body programs that provide individuals the opportunity to have greater control over their own health. This focus on the self-management of health is a global phenomenon with increasing usage of complementary and integrative health practices being reported in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Europe.


In 2008, 19% of U.S. adults (more than 55 million people) reported using at least one mind-body therapy during the previous 12 months and in 2012, deep-breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, tai chi and qi gong were among the most frequently used techniques. These therapies are based on the biopsychosocial model, a perspective that acknowledges that biological, psychological (e.g., thoughts, emotions, and behaviors), and social factors all play a significant role in human functioning in the context of wellness and illness. It is often used to describe the concept of the “mind–body connection.”


In 2008, 19% of U.S. adults (more than 55 million people) reported using at least one mind-body therapy during the previous 12 months.


A recent Samueli Institute report evaluated the existing body of randomized controlled trials on biopsychosocial training programs for the self-management of emotional stress. The report is especially impactful for researchers, clinicians and policy-makers as they develop new programs and assess the utility of existing ones. Continue reading “State of the Evidence on Training Programs for Self-Management of Emotional Stress” »

How To Experience The Mind Body Connection At The Gym

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Energy is what drives the body, and is therefore what drives the mind. When exercising, the mind and body aline in what Samueli Institute refers to as the “energetic connection.” This is an experience of wholeness that when properly channeled, can lead you to have an amazing gym workout. The key to experiencing the mind-body connection at the gym is to mentally prepare for it, before you arrive. Here’s how:

Focus your attention- Prepare to leave all of you worries and inhibitions at the door. If you find it hard to clear your mind before your workout, take a few minutes to relax or meditate. Continue reading “How To Experience The Mind Body Connection At The Gym” »

What Can I do to Develop Healing Intention?


Developing healing intention sounds easy—and it is. There are some very real ways you can cultivate healing intention and use the power of your thoughts to improve your health or the health of another.


“Healing intention is a conscious and benevolent mental activity (thought) purposefully directed toward health, wellbeing, healing, or highest good for one’s self or another.”(1)


If you don’t truly believe that you can be healed, or if some part of you is holding onto the disease or condition, you might disrupt or limit your own inherent capacity to heal on a subconscious level. Don’t underestimate yourself! By developing healing intention, you set the stage for healing to occur.

Here are three ways you can develop healing intention:
Continue reading “What Can I do to Develop Healing Intention?” »

Challenges to Our Current Health Care System

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First of all, we pay almost double of any other country for medical and health care, and yet we’re 30th or lower in our health indices. At the current rate we will spend 25 percent of our gross national product by 2025 and almost half of it by 2082 if we don’t change what we are doing. The baby boomers have started to turn 65, which means there’s a tsunami of chronic needs and illnesses coming down the pike.

We are standing on the train tracks with the train coming straight at us; yet we don’t seem to be able to move; even to save our lives. Continue reading “Challenges to Our Current Health Care System” »

New Resource Available: Mind-Body Program Guidelines

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Front cover of reportThis fall, Samueli Institute delivered on a promise to develop and field test a set of tools that military health care facilities could use to help Service members and their families cope with stress, improve their health, and thrive by using self-applied mind-body skills to manage stress.

We refer to this as a family empowerment approach: empowering Service members and families to take active participation in their medical care and symptom management; to be responsible for and participatory in their health and healing process; to instill them with a sense of control over their recovery; and to increase operational efficiency of an increasingly utilized military health care system. Continue reading “New Resource Available: Mind-Body Program Guidelines” »

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