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Planting Seeds for National Wellbeing with Senator Tom Harkin


Having a healthy community relies on so much more than the healthcare industry according to former Senator Tom Harkin. The ideal system is one in which entities that control commerce, education, transportation and defense all work together to promote wellness and prevent illness. Continue reading “Planting Seeds for National Wellbeing with Senator Tom Harkin” »

Shattering the Myth of Immutable Genes with Dr. Pamela Peeke

Dr. Pamela Peeke for On Human Flourishing

For a long time, scientists considered genetics to be the predisposition of a person’s health. In other words, whatever genes a person was born with, determined if that person would develop a hereditary disease, addiction or obesity. New scientific studies have shown that genes are not determinant of a person’s wellbeing. The lifestyle choices a person makes including exercise and eating habits can deactivate the genes that originally would have lead to disease. Continue reading “Shattering the Myth of Immutable Genes with Dr. Pamela Peeke” »

PODCAST: An Interview with Henry Samueli, PhD


Simply understanding how the am/fm radio works; that was the assignment for Henry Samueli’s 7th-grade electric shop class, the point in his life that turned out to be the beginning of it all. Continue reading “PODCAST: An Interview with Henry Samueli, PhD” »

On Human Flourishing – an interview with Dr. Kent Bradley

Human Flourishing Blog_image Podcast

Dr. Kent Bradley, former Chief Medical Officer with Safeway, Inc., joined the corporate grocery chain with a passion for instilling long-term health initiatives for employees.

“I think increasingly that people value their health and companies need to align what they’re doing to meet them with what they value,” Bradley explained to Samueli Institute President and CEO Wayne Jonas, MD, in an interview for the Institute’s bi-weekly podcast on the future of healthcare. 

In a 30-minute interview with Jonas, Bradley examines the relationships between corporations and health and the initiatives that businesses are creating to promote the long-term health of their employees.

“What are the investments that are going in that support the people?” asks Bradley. “It’s everything from ensuring that we provide the resources necessary that makes healthy choices easy for them.” 

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