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Kevin Berry, MD on Resilience: “We Need to Look Beyond Bouncing Back.”


Resilience means different things for individuals, for communities and for the military. Over the last 15 years, Samueli Institute and its expert partners have explored a wider understanding of resilience than was previously understood. During this exploration, it was discovered that resilience is indubitably more complex than its traditional definition of being able to recover from trauma. Real resilience involves preparedness –the ability to adjust to upcoming trauma and stress. Continue reading “Kevin Berry, MD on Resilience: “We Need to Look Beyond Bouncing Back.”” »

Mind Tactics for Better Sleep, Nutrition and Performance

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Can eating a single dried strawberry improve your overall health? As part of Samueli Institute’s Teaching Kitchen, a 12-week experiential learning program, service members and their spouses learned how eating consciously is part of a healthy lifestyle.

Too often, because of the hustle and bustle of daily life, food is consumed without even a thought. You eat what’s put in front of you without thought to whether you are hungry or when you become full.

This is especially true for the high-speed lives of service members and their families. Continue reading “Mind Tactics for Better Sleep, Nutrition and Performance” »

Veterans Success, National Success


A person’s ability to heal and fully recover after stressful and traumatic experiences is powerful, but also completely normal. There is no place in the United States where this is as evident as it is among our veteran and military service members. This is the message we should all hear on this Veterans Day.

Most of the discussion you hear in the nation about veteran’s health is focused on the struggles of a few. We read about veteran homelessness, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury, chronic pain and drug use, and the need for education and employment. But these very serious problems are prevalent in a small minority of the 25 million veterans alive today.

Continue reading “Veterans Success, National Success” »

Can You Predict Resilience?

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The end of a deployment is an exciting time for a military family. But life doesn’t always pick up right where it left off. For most families, the adjustment is challenging as the Service member weaves back into the family-fold. Called reintegration, this transition back to daily life can last months or even years.

Although the difficulties of reintegration are well-known, the factors that lead to a successful experience are less so. Samueli Institute is working to understand, track and perhaps predict resilience as part of its Central Evaluation of Resilience Programs (CERP) efforts. Continue reading “Can You Predict Resilience?” »

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