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An Interdisciplinary Approach to Resilience


On June 23 and 24, 2015, subject matter experts met at Samueli Institute in Alexandria, VA, to review the prototype of a forecasting model that addresses successful reintegration of warriors back into civilian life following combat deployment.

Here are just a few images from the event.

Dietary Substances in the Military: The Metabolically Optimized Brain


More members of the U.S. military (74%) use dietary substances than civilians (52%)1; however the safety and value of these substances are largely unknown within the military community.

Samueli Institute was commissioned to develop “The Program for Research on Dietary Supplements in Military Operations and Healthcare: The Metabolically Optimized Brain (MOB) Study” in 2013 to uncover nutrition’s role in Service members’ mission readiness. Continue reading “Dietary Substances in the Military: The Metabolically Optimized Brain” »

From Worksite Wellness Programs to a Framework for Flourishing


As workplace wellness has exploded into a $6 billion industry, the value of worksite wellness programs has become the topic of a much-needed and vigorous debate. As part of the dialogue, an article by Al Lewis and Vik Khanna in the journal Health Affairs questions whether worksite wellness programs improve health and wellness and save money OR if they cost money, coerce people and create adverse effects.

Many medical interventions (including drugs and surgery) often look good in observational studies only to be shown to be ineffective (or effective in a subgroup only) in rigorously done randomized controlled trials.

My work with the military and at Samueli Institute has shown that the issue is bigger than we thought and it requires a new approach.  Continue reading “From Worksite Wellness Programs to a Framework for Flourishing” »



headshot of Dr. Jonas

Wayne B. Jonas, MD, President and CEO, Samueli Institute

How does an individual achieve resilience and flourish, even when faced with a trauma or stress? How the mind, body and spirit reacts and transitions to a new normal stems from multiple factors and can result in different outcomes. In the process, the individual may evolve and transform, paving the way for new skills that will prepare them for new challenges in the future. A whole systems, whole person understanding of resilience is best approached through a dynamic systems framework and is a subject that researchers are only beginning to understand. Samueli Institute has been working to cast further light on these processes. Continue reading “A RESILIENT MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT: THE HEALTH EVOLUTION OF A WHOLE PERSON” »

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