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Dr. James Gordon on the Future of Mind Body Medicine

Mind Body Medicine Feature Image Samueli Institute

The modern challenges in health are closely associated with a disconnection between the mind and body. James S. Gordon, MD, founder of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, professes a clear understanding of how the mind and body work together to create wellness within humans. According to Dr. Gordon, in order to know the future of mind-body medicine, it is best to look at the past and make note of the exact period in time where the science was lost. Continue reading “Dr. James Gordon on the Future of Mind Body Medicine” »

How To Experience The Mind Body Connection At The Gym

Gym Workout Mind Body

Energy is what drives the body, and is therefore what drives the mind. When exercising, the mind and body aline in what Samueli Institute refers to as the “energetic connection.” This is an experience of wholeness that when properly channeled, can lead you to have an amazing gym workout. The key to experiencing the mind-body connection at the gym is to mentally prepare for it, before you arrive. Here’s how:

Focus your attention- Prepare to leave all of you worries and inhibitions at the door. If you find it hard to clear your mind before your workout, take a few minutes to relax or meditate. Continue reading “How To Experience The Mind Body Connection At The Gym” »

When evidence matters, rigorous reviews for pain care

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Patients struggling with chronic pain need non-pharmacological therapies that can decrease pain, improve function and enhance quality of life. Our rigorous reviews have uncovered the evidence for various therapies that can be easily integrated into a pain practice such as massage therapy and manipulation, and self-care tools such as yoga, tai chi, music therapy, meditation and relaxation exercises.

Establishing a strong evidence base for self-care approaches helps answer the most challenging questions affecting the world’s health and wellness:

  • What can we add to the physician’s bag of tools to replace or supplement the prescription pad?

  • Are there self-care practices to include in a patient’s pain management solution set?

Samueli Institute evaluates pain from the view of the person as a whole and looks at the bigger picture of the “chronification” of pain that the patient experiences. This objective, third-party analysis of the evidence provides guidelines for clinical practice, policy decisions and research recommendations.

Samueli Institute’s research process was highlighted in a recent article in BMC Research Notes. Continue reading “When evidence matters, rigorous reviews for pain care” »

Building Confidence in the Kitchen

TK SAT-32 vegetables

TK SAT-11 Fennel“How many of you know what this is?” said Chef Woods, the instructor of the Samueli Institute’s Teaching Kitchen program at Joint Base San Antonio, as she held up a bulb of fennel.

A few tentative hands went up and the rest of the room was befuddled. Many of them had just unknowingly devoured a dish of poached tilapia with fennel and white beans. That is, after they had whipped out their iPhones to take photos of the beautiful healthy feast.

Learning about healthy ingredients as well as how to cook them, is part of a multi-faceted approach to lifestyle education that focuses on building culinary, nutrition, exercise and mindfulness skills to increase health, resilience and wellness.

Making Food Approachable

Expert chefs, one military and one civilian, make ingredients and cooking approachable. Participants learn the whys and hows behind previously intimidating cooking techniques like sauté, short-poach and en papillotte; dishes/ingredients like homemade stocks, aoli, court-bouillon and chia seeds; and kitchen tools like fish spatulas, cartouches and immersion blenders. Continue reading “Building Confidence in the Kitchen” »

Mind Tactics for Better Sleep, Nutrition and Performance

mindful eating TK

Can eating a single dried strawberry improve your overall health? As part of Samueli Institute’s Teaching Kitchen, a 12-week experiential learning program, service members and their spouses learned how eating consciously is part of a healthy lifestyle.

Too often, because of the hustle and bustle of daily life, food is consumed without even a thought. You eat what’s put in front of you without thought to whether you are hungry or when you become full.

This is especially true for the high-speed lives of service members and their families. Continue reading “Mind Tactics for Better Sleep, Nutrition and Performance” »

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