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Communities Share Ideas, Collaborate Strategies for Change

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Sometimes a discussion, not just talking, but listening and understanding where your neighbor is coming from can power a project into the highest possible strata for an integrated wellness movement.   

When bringing together a group of people from diverse backgrounds, it is critical to examine the make-up of a community with a broad lens. The very fabric of community is as complex as any individual member who inhabits it.

Last week, leaders from Indianola, Miss., New Orleans, Louisiana, Detroit, Mich. and other communities in the U.S. convened in Alexandria, Va. to share successes, disappointments, learnings and best practices as a part of the Well Community Project. 

Participants took part in spirited discussions on race, economics, education and other issues that affect a community’s ability to thrive. In the coming weeks Samueli Institute will share videos and other resources from this remarkable meeting, but for now enjoy this collection of images. Continue reading “Communities Share Ideas, Collaborate Strategies for Change” »

Trickle Up: From Personal to Community to National Wellness


In an episode of On Human Flourishing, community leader David Gibbs discussed the progress of Samueli Institute’s Well Community Project (WCP), highlighting the value of personal experience and community engagement when building community wellness and its contribution to local and national well-being.

Referring to the project as “a platform for community engagement that leads to health,” Gibbs emphasized that in order to move forward, neighbors must take the time to communicate their challenges and develop a list of goals that pertain to their community’s specific needs. Neighbor to neighbor connection and engagement is the key both local and national wellbeing and is how community development produces health. Continue reading “Trickle Up: From Personal to Community to National Wellness” »

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