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Veterans Success, National Success


A person’s ability to heal and fully recover after stressful and traumatic experiences is powerful, but also completely normal. There is no place in the United States where this is as evident as it is among our veteran and military service members. This is the message we should all hear on this Veterans Day.

Most of the discussion you hear in the nation about veteran’s health is focused on the struggles of a few. We read about veteran homelessness, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury, chronic pain and drug use, and the need for education and employment. But these very serious problems are prevalent in a small minority of the 25 million veterans alive today.

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Think BIG for Social Wellbeing


Metrics are essential to reduce health care costs and disease rates while improving care and wellbeing. Progress can only be achieved by knowing:

  • the return on investment of wellness behaviors and programs
  • the success rates of traditional health interventions like medications and surgeries and how they compare with alternative treatments
  • statistics on common health problems and diseases

What if we could take a step beyond that and develop an actual currency to create incentives and encourage positive decision-making in individuals, businesses and organizational leaders.
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