Transforming Health Care


Improving the nation’s health takes more than a big idea. Samueli Institute builds partnerships in health care, worksites, the military and community settings to change a complex and financially-driven network of care. This systematic collaboration balances the often competing priorities of population health, personal experience and cost.

Packaging Change for a Ripple Effect in Health Care

Samueli Institute uses its expertise in the areas of integrative patient-centered care and whole systems learning to tackle key challenges of our health care system and produce system-level change. Solutions scale from a single doctor’s office to a large hospital system, allowing measurable, sustainable change to spread throughout the health care system. This change occurs through collaboratives, a team-based approach to problem-solving.

Collaboratives combine subject matter expertise with tools and methods to effect change. This science of improvement has been well-established by our partner, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI). Two areas of focus for the Institute are chronic pain and palliative care.

Breakthrough Series Collaborative on Chronic Pain Launched

Samueli Institute is driving toward a more integrative approach to chronic pain management. The learning collaborative brings together experts in military, veteran and civilian health care to identify and implement innovative ways to reduce chronic pain and optimize quality of life through timely delivery of team-based, person-centered integrative pain management.

Hospice and Palliative Care as an Optimal Healing Environment

The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization has partnered with Samueli Institute to initiate a collaborative focused on healing oriented practices, relationships and spaces for patients with advanced illnesses. This work concentrates on care given in a home setting since this is where most people with advanced illnesses receive their ongoing care.

_LT_0143Combating Pain and Stress in the Military with Acupuncture

After two promising Samueli Institute pilot studies, the United States Air Force developed the first known training program to teach military primary care physicians a simple auricular (ear) acupuncture procedure called Battlefield Acupuncture. Samueli Institute helped standardize the training and expand it throughout the military and Veterans Health Administration to more than 1,300 medics and corpsmen, nurses and physician assistants. Samueli Institute’s evaluation and assessment of the training will help integrate acupuncture into a variety of military and veteran care environments to combat pain and stress.

Engaging Communities to Create Wellness

As part of its Well Community Project, Samueli Institute helps community leaders move beyond disease-oriented approaches to community health and focus on missing elements of healing, resiliency, wellness and quality of life. The community wellness effort is a collaboration between Samueli Institute and Institute for Alternative Futures, with funding by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

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