Wellness Training in Mind-Body-Spirit

teaching health

Samueli Institute teaches a holistic approach to wellbeing through a teaching kitchen and self-care educational program. The curriculum includes training on nutrition, culinary skills, mindfulness and stress reduction, exercise and fitness, and access to a health coach. 

Optimizing Military Performance

????????With its military partners, Samueli Institute provides a self-care educational program that reinforces the military’s performance triad, which focuses on how service members eat, sleep and move. The 12-week program and study aims to increase skills and confidence in the kitchen, support lifestyle changes, and improve the overall health and wellness of its participants, who include military service members and spouses. Learn more

Empowering Military Families

Tools are available to help military health care facilities help Service members and their families cope with stress, improve their health, and thrive by using self-applied mind-body skills to manage stress. Samueli Institute’s “Guidelines for Creating, Implementing, and Evaluating Mind-Body Programs in a Military Health Care Setting” take a family empowerment approach: empowering Service members and families to take active participation in their medical care and symptom management; to be responsible for and participatory in their health and healing process;  to instill them with a sense of control over their recovery;  and to increase operational efficiency of an increasingly utilized military health care system.

Wellbeing at Work

Samueli Institute’s comprehensive curriculum is also available for the workplace to create sustained lifestyle changes in the areas of nutrition, exercise and mindfulness to improve health, productivity and quality of life. Current clients use the curriculum to move beyond the traditional focus of workplace wellness programs into one that acknowledges the core components of human flourishing.

In addition to the teaching kitchen and self-care education program, Samueli Institute also delivers a mindfulness training program that explores the connection between optimizing performance and mind-body skills.